Sam Attwater
as Adam

Helena Blackman
as Milly

News & Reviews


***** Strictly sensational!’ Edinburgh Guide

‘As an evening of rollicking entertainment, this production is a real heartwarmer’ The Daily Telegraph

***** A proper ‘rootin-tootin’ old school musical. Take the kids, take the grandparents, take anyone you like. We guarantee you a foot taping, rompin', stompin' good night!’ The Bridge Radio

‘It's rootin' tootin' rollicking fun with terrific, athletically energetic dancing’ Whatsonstage

**** The glory of it is the crazy, hopping, spinning, tapping, somersaulting choreography for the brothers and their girls, every hurtling move breathing youthful exuberance, uncouthness exploding into dramatic show-dancing. It’s all ridiculous, tuneful, wildly accomplished and fun’ Libby Purves, The Times

‘Wonderful entertainment, laced with fantastic songs with oh so witty lyrics and lots and lots of dancing. Wow - is there a lot of dancing!’ Broadwayworld

**** The energy and athleticism of the exuberant cast and director Patti Colombo’s cracking choreography simply bowls you over. Hugely enjoyable nostalgic nonsense. Yee-ha!’ Georgina Brown, The Mail on Sunday

‘An energetic production packed with timeless classics…Seven Brides for Seven Brothers remains the ultimate feel good show’ Manchester Evening News

**** There is a real feel good factor about this delightful musical.... after seeing the original film, American President Eisenhower said: “If you haven’t seen it, you should see it.” I offer the same advice about this stage show.’ Birmingham Mail

‘A foot-tapping, stompingly good, brilliantly choreographed musical delight’ Jewish Telegraph

**** There was enough energy on stage to power a small village in Scotland - it really is a rooting-tooting good time!’ West End Wilma

‘Simply brilliant!’ This is Wimbledon

**** The dancing is full of energy and great athletic and gymnastic abilities are on display. The end result is tight, well-drilled and exciting to watch.” The Public Reviews

‘Sizzling hot! Wow, those brothers are sex on legs! A show re-energised and revitalised. Electrifying!’ Leighton Buzzard Observer

**** Director and Choreographer Patti Colombo manages to outdo even the movie’s amazing film choreography. These guys and gals are brilliant dancers, performing unimaginable feats of power with their bodies.’ Remotegoat

‘18 dancers raise the roof in a riot of muscle and swirl of petticoats, with ebullient choreography from Patti Colombo’ The Stage

‘Bulging biceps, taut washboard stomachs and half a dozen Beautiful Hides caught the attention of many an admiring audience member!’ Mancunian Matters

‘I can think of no better way to escape the dreary, depressing weather for a couple of hours than to experience the charming musical production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.’ Bournemouth Echo

‘With a cast of 25 energetic performers, a superb live seven-piece orchestra, imaginative sets and colourful costumes, this is an entertaining spectacle. Absolutely outstanding are the sensational dance numbers – acrobatic, balletic and mesmerising. What a terrific show!’ Southern Daily Echo

‘This is a great production of an old classic, the energy of the cast is admirable, a wonderfully heart-warming evening of entertainment.’ Manchester’s Finest

‘The Social Dance…is boldly and athletically staged, with a breathtaking blend of hoedown, ballet and gymnastic vaulting and tumbling. It receives a prolonged ovation from the audience and deserves all that, and more.’ Britishtheatreguide

‘Patti Colombo and Karl Warden’s dizzying choreography…the routines display jaw-dropping gymnastic and aerobic skills as well as a mixture of old-style dances. The scene of the Social Dance is the highlight of the show….which received an ovation from the audience usually reserved for the end of a show’ Richmond Magazine

‘Award-winning Broadway choreographer and director Patti Colombo ignites the old favourite and creates a fire in the bellies of all seven brides, brothers and suitors. Her choreography alone is a treat and worth the ticket price to see.’ Bargaintheatreland